Letters to my little girl // Year 2

Two whole trips around the sun together! I can hardly believe it. I love sharing a birthday with you. You are so easy to celebrate, and getting to celebrate alongside you brings me nothing but joy.

You are my little girl with a big personality. I know it is only going to grow right along with you. You are so much fun and the joy you exude is contagious.

It is crazy how in just a year you can go from baby to full-on toddler doubling in size, with words for everything, knowing exactly what you want, and turning into quite the little princess, if I might add.

You instinctively know how to bat those beautiful eyelashes, and the expressions you give can be quite comical for a girl your size. Your long blank stare, with a few long blinks, the perfect side-eye, and the way you move your eyebrows… truly, you know how to express yourself well and it hits us straight in the heart.

You have started following along your brothers year of preschool, and the things you’re picking up on is really mind blowing. It makes me forget sometimes that your are *only* two. You have beauty and brains, my girl. It’s so much fun to have you participate in all the hands-on learning.

As big brother practiced writing the “a” on the right, Audrey snuck in writing the “a” on the left.

This year we celebrated your birthday with a farm themed birthday party. “Oink! Quack! Moo! Audrey is 2!” For the first time we we’re able to host so many friends and family in our home, and they all came to celebrate the special gift you are. Your party was complete with a visit from a mini-horse, and a hay ride with a view of cows and draft horses. It was so much fun for all who came, and you were so happy to see so many of your favorite people.

I feel so lucky to be the one who gets to see you grow day-by-day, and little-by-little. I am trying my hardest not to blink and take in all that you are. You are so very special, and I hope that you always know that my love for you is way bigger than the stars in the sky.

Love you forever. – mama


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