Webb Family 2022

Let me (Re)introduce Myself

It was never my intention to stop blogging. I had a lot to share pre-babies, and a lot of insight and memories I like to look back on that otherwise would have fallen out of my brain had I not written them down. Life happened, and things got in the way… So let’s get back into it, because these years are special to me and I believe there’s a lot that could be gleaned from my reflections, insight, and stories. (My future self will also be grateful for documentation of all of these life seasons.)

I’m a wife to the most wonderful, hardworking, self-sacrificing man, a mommy of two, and a follower of Jesus. We live on a 12-acre farm in a small village in Southwest Michigan. We have raised many animals, we have transformed our farmhouse and built a 2400 sq ft addition, we are co-owners of our family remodeling and repair company, and are full of big entrepreneurship ideas. I spend my days teaching my children at home… or outside… or wherever we might end up.

Here you will find a public diary of sorts- pieces of my story. The journey of motherhood I’m on, the challenges and lessons through homeschooling, letters to my children, house or farm projects we’ve completed, and perhaps nuggets of my faith journey. It might be a mixed bag, but I am glad you are here and glad to be a part of a community of encouragers.

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