Letters to my little girl // Month 10

My sweet Audrey, I think I’ll always be reminding you that you were brought into this world in the middle of a pandemic. I wouldn’t have wished for your first ten months to look and feel this chaotic but it’s brought some special moments and opportunities to us too.

Somehow I’ve continued to work around the clock with the incredible opportunity to care for you too. I’d be lying if I was saying it wasn’t starting to take a toll. We’ve tried some child care options for some balance in the working mommy situation but your mama has high standards for you baby girl, and if you’re crabby for someone else I know something is not right.

You are the happiest most easy going baby I have ever laid my eyes on. You have a pretty easy going schedule and as long as you are fed when you are hungry and get to sleep when you’re tired you don’t put up any fights. You love to MOVE. You cannot be contained… or held for long. You like to explore and find anything and everything to put in your mouth.

You are an absolute joy bomb. The way you play peek-a-boo with your shirt or anything you can get your hands on. The way you giggle endlessly when your daddy tickles you, or mama blows raspberries on your tummy. The way you light up when you reunite with your brother after time away from each other or even just a nap. The way you look for him is so sweet.

It’s fun to watch you start bouncing when music plays. You’re crawling everywhere and walking along furniture. It’s always wild to think about all the milestones you reach day-by-day. Somehow it all happens right before my eyes.

What would life be without your big brother? He’s certainly learning to be kinder to you. But you have a tendency to put yourself right in the middle of what he’s trying to do or play. In those moments, he may not be so kind… but if anyone helps us teach him how to handle frustrations… it will be you. Thank you for that. 😉

Audrey, you are absolutely beautiful. From your head to your toes, and all the way to your heart. I will always want you to know that.

I can already tell you have a tender heart. The way you respond emotionally to a room, or a reaction. You have an emotional awareness to the people around you and how they are feeling. While that’s common for babies, it feels so unique with you.

You make our lives so much better and while I can’t wait to see who you become, I also can’t wait to take in each of these passing moments and enjoy the journey.

I pray you become strong, bold, and courageous. That you are always sensitive to the people around you, and carry kindness everywhere you go. I pray that you know the love of the Father all the days of your life. Father, send your angels to protect her. Thank you for the love you poured out for us, so that we may know this kind of love.



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